Women In Indonesia

women in indonesia

Women in Indonesia have played a significant role in shaping Indonesia culture and tradition.

But today, their roles have been associated with modernism, globalization, education, and, changes in technology.

That said many of these fine Indonesian women choose to live in the city as opposed to Township where they can get an education and contribute more to society.

These women are advocates for national development and active members of women’s issues organization.

In the traditional Indonesian Society, women played a significant role such as housewives, traditional healers, ritualists, and Sherman.

Their roles were influenced and confined to the patriarchal culture of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity.

Thanks to advancement in education and movement several women set the pace to become great leaders such as Queen Shima of Kalingga, Pramodhawardhani of Deus of Singhasan and Utis

Women’s movement started in the 19th century in the colonial Dutch East India. A group of upper-class native women began advocating for women’s right and women’s education.

Strong advocates like Kartini of Japan and Dewi of Sartika of  Bandung created a school for young girls to get an education.

In that year, they have received an award as national heroinic of Indonesia.

Because of Indonesian constant advocate for women’s movement, Megawati Sukarnoputri became the first female president of Indonesia.


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