Why India’s Six-Pack Band Is Awesome

    Why India's Six-Pack Band Is Awesome

    The Indian six-pack band is a unique group. It beats many other bands by a significant margin not only for its exemplary performances, but also on the advocacy. The five performers; Komal Jagtap, Bhavika Patil, Fida Khan, Asha Jagtap, and Ravina Jagtap have one thing in common.

    The six-pack band was a creation of Ashish Patil of Y films who is also in the production arm of Bollywood. He thought of a way to incorporate the transgender group in India into the pop. It was not easy because of the high-leveled stigma in India.

    The term Hijra, which is used to refer to the transgender, is common in many communities that makes the “hijra” lack many opportunities in the social and economic spaces. That leaves the transgender population with two options; begging and prostitution.

    Their choreographer, Sonu Nigan, confesses that it was tedious to have people who have been disowned by their parents and the community to trust you. But all in all, the five chose to trust and today they are celebrated by the very people who rejected them.

    Six band group did the launching of their first song, Hum Hain Happy, on the same day that the Indians celebrate Indian Republic Day. The song expresses the need of allowing the transgender a room to be happy. They confront that need in the society. Hum Hain happy received more than one million views on YouTube. Their second song, Sab Rab De Band, has so far received more than three million views on YouTube since January.


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