What’s cooking? 3 Female Asian Master Chefs and Where You Can Find Them

    Janice Wong

    Bee Santogun

    Santogun is a master chef found in the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok. What she began in her childhood; crushing coconut milk and curry paste as part of her chores, turned out to be her full-time career in her later years.

    Bee and her husband opened a paste in Lor Thong, Bangkok. She spends most of her time researching on the indigenous (almost extinct) Thai food and ingredients that redefine the culture and heritage of Thai and serves them more innovatively.

    Janice Wong

    The Queen Chef of Singapore has the world tallest Chocolate fountain, 7.3 meters tall. There’s enough of spout stream of dark and white chocolate. The Janice Wong MGM restaurant sweeps the affection of the sweet pastries of cakes, chocolates, desserts, mochi, waffles, and eclairs.

    Janice Wong who is also an artist has merged the pastry with art, and the whole thing is a magnificent masterpiece at Janice Wong MGM located at Cotai, Macau. She has been voted for Pastry Chef of the year 2011, 2013, and 2015 among other awards.

    May Chow

    The 33-year-old May Chow is a unique entrepreneur based in Soho District, Hong Kong. She was voted as Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2017, and this year she will be seating in the Forbes panel as a judge in the under 30 Art category..

    Chow owns two successful restaurants in Hong Kong. The” Little Bao” known for its Chinese burger delicacy which she established in 2013, and the trendiest “Happy Paradise” that kicked operations last year.


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