Western Beauty Myth Vs Asian Beauty Myth

    Western Beauty Myth Vs Asian Beauty Myth

    The ideal Asian beauty is facing stiff influences from the western culture and description of beauty. Some factors leading to this influence including but not limited to “a new” description of beauty in Asia and especially South Korea that is linked to success and connection.

    In Seoul for instance, the ideal Asian woman with a monolid- sharp small eyes with a single line on the eyelids, is slowly getting distinct, yet that is the original beauty of the Asians in the East. The trend has a different look.

    The western has double lines on the eyelids. The East considers this real beauty. To that effect, Seoul (as a part of the influence of the west) has the highest number of plastic surgeries in the world with 20/1000 procedures being beauty-related.

    The beauty is highly-linked to success. According to statistics, most successful women in Korea have been influenced by the western culture in a way or the other-beauty wise. They undergo the procedures to reshape the wider jaws to thinner ones, the wide face to thin Long Face, and the single to double eyelids.

    Lucy Liu, a celebrity in Korea finds this trend so conflicting within; she feels too American and too Asian. The need to secure Asian roles in the performing arts and to fit in both cultures at the same time brings a lot of confusion.

    At some point, there is a lack of Asian representation because of the transformational beauty that has occurred in the past few decades.




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