Vietnamese Women at the Forefront of Entrepreneurship

    Vietnamese Women at the Forefront of Entrepreneurship

    Vietnamese women are the leaders when it comes to aggressive women in business in the world. They beat many countries in the sub-Saharan, South Asia, the Middle East in the Asia Pacific; the women of Vietnam come second after Australia.

    In the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Vietnam takes the lead of the female representation in the global face. Not only in the SMEs, but also in co-operate positions; CEOs, Board of management, and high profile business leadership positions.

    Vietnamese Women at the Forefront of Entrepreneurship

    It has been a challenge for women to rise at the national level to the decision making points, especially in the Asian countries. Today, Vietnam has a 25% representation in the SMEs. In as much as the representation is still below the mark of gender equality by a significant margin, it still puts Vietnam at a high scale compared to other counties in Asia.

    In South Asia, Sub-Saharan, North Africa, and the Middle East, the female representation in the SMEs is a mere 8%. That is a critical state that needs resuscitation. This research was carried out by Mekong Business Initiative (MBI).

    In general, we shall say, that Vietnamese women are fighting against all the odds to raise their standard of living in the co-operate world.  In a conservative continent like Asia, it takes a lot of effort both for the government, civil society, human rights and the general public to bring gender equality in Business. Newswire TechCrunch commends Vietnamese women for doing very well in the entrepreneurship venture.



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