Top Asian Women In Sports

    Saina Nehwal

    For a long time, games in the world have been a dominant men activity especially at high levels of professionalism. The diversity in the sporting world has allowed many young women to try in their feet. Asia has mainly produced top performing women in the world in a variety of sporting activities.

    Sania Mirza

    She is of Indian origin specialized in tennis doubles. Sania is the first woman to be the world’s no.1 player in that category. She is a face of hope in India in and out of the court. She has a tennis academy that she founded in 2013 and participates in humanitarian activities. Sania is married to a Pakistani cricket player.

    Saina Nehwal

    Nehwal was the world’s number 1 champion in badminton in 2015. She is also the first Indian woman to win the Open Super Series. Saina is considered a role model and a dedicated woman who is committed to perfect her skills to top-notch output.

    Ruqsana Begum

    Ruqsana comes out uniquely as a Muay Thai kickboxer champion. She began her a career at 18 years and kept it from her parents until she chose to make it a dream career. At 24 years, she was already a superstar. She gives back to the community through “fight for peace” where she teaches children from average homes self-defense skills.

    Sheneela Ahmed

    The first woman lawyer to become a football agent in the world. The English Football Association recognizes her. Sheneela encourages many British-Asian women to break the potential they have to be the cream of sports and make a career out of it.


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