Top 5 female Asian inventors and their inventions


Throughout the centuries, humans have continued to innovate and create items to make our life better. This has been simple discoveries such as the light bulb or as complicated as body altering drugs. Every region across the globe has their share of inventors whom are known far and wide. However, women in Asia have traditionally taken a submissive role, but in the modern era, there are some women who are proactive in the inventor role and changing lives everywhere. This article will look at the top 5 female Asian inventors and what each contributed to the world.

1) Neeti Kailas

The first inventor on this list comes from India. According to her research, 100,000 babies each year are born with hearing defects. It can often take months or even years to detect the issue due to poor screening and cheap options for the consumers. Neeti Kailas created a solution with a device that check responses in the brain for speech. If the electrons flash, the baby can hear. If not, then unfortunately they may have hearing issues. The device is designed to be light, portable, and safe for children. Neeti Kailas has been working hard with Rolex Awards to get the device available to the public as soon as possible.

2) Dr. Dang Thi Oanh


The next individual on this list is a 21st women. Traditionally, inventions are physical items, but her idea involves modern digital technology. She presently runs the Division of Science at Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communications Technology in Vietnam. She revolutionized computer problem solving by creating algorithms that made it easier for computer’s to solve problems it previously could not handle. This improved accuracy in areas such as artificial intelligence and computer graphics will allow technology to take another major step forward. Dr. Dang Thi Oanh won in award in 2015 for her invention.

3) Tu Youyou

Source: Bengt Nyman

As the biggest country in Asia, China has certainly produced its share of bright inventors. Tu Youyou is a women well versed in medicine, and her research of traditional herbs lead to the creation of Artemisinin. This drug has strongly reduced the malaria mortality rate due to its potency to kill malaria parasites in their early stages. This contribution to medical science won her the noble peace prize in 2015.

4) Shubha Tole

Going back to the great minds out of India, Shubha Tole is someone whose research on the mammalian nervous system earned her the Infosys Prize in 2014. She discovered the generic information that leads to the cerebral cortex, hippocampus and amygdala formations. This discovery has a huge impact on future medical study advancements.

5) Irene Ng Oi Lin


She is another Asian women who made great advances to the Medical field. Her advances of research in liver cancer have truly shaped how modern scientists approach this disease. Irene Ng Oi Lin’s contribution to the medical community earned here the The World Academy of Sciences Prize in 2014.


All across the world, and especially in Asia, new discoveries and advances are happening on a daily basis. Women are now leading the charge in scientific advances and breakthroughs in all areas of study. It proves the human mind is always a curious part of our body and looking for the truth in everything, regardless of our gender.


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