These Asian Scientists Changed the World

asian scientists

Professor Masayo Takahashi – The stem cell pioneer bringing sight to the blind

Masayo Takahashi, a Japanese stem cell researcher who brought sight to the blind was born on June 23. She works at Riken Center for Developmental Biology as a project research leader. Takahashi together with the team she was leading, successfully achieved their first iPS transplant in March 2017.

Ms. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, chairman and managing director of Biocon, India’s First Lady of Biotech.

She’s an Indian billionaire entrepreneur who was born on 23rd March 1953. She’s the first lady to be appointed as the managing director of Biocon Limited, a Bangalore based Biotechnology Company. She won the Othmer Gold Medal in 2014, thanks to her remarkable contributions to science and chemistry advancement.

Professor Usa Thisyakorn, chairman of the Asian Dengue Vaccine Advocacy.

She currently is at Chulalongkorn University acting as a Professor of Pediatrics. In numerous medical journals, she served in the board of editors and to date she has contributed in a myriad publications. She has received several professional awards and now is the President to authority institutions.

Professor Gloria Lim, a mycologist and the first Director of Singapore’s National Institute of Education.

She’s a retired mycologist from Singapore. Tropical fungi is what her research focused and she successfully built regional fungal repository samples. She was appointed as the Science Faculty’s Dean twice at the University of Singapore. 

Kim Ping Wong, ex-biochemistry professor

She’s a Singaporean biochemist who’s born in 1941. She attended Tanjong Katong Girls’ School at the National University of Singapore. After studying science, she passed with first-class honours and later at McGill University she earned a PhD in Biochemistry.

6) Ms. Tetchi Cruz-Capellan, founder of the Philippine Solar Power Alliance and CEO of SunAsia Energy.

She’s the founder of the Solar Power Alliance based in Philippine and also a CEO of renewable provider of energy based in Philippine known as Sun Asia Energy Inc. She makes use of the sun only to provide power to the Philippines. She got familiar with solar power in USAID project for rural electrification where she was the country director.


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