The Rise Of Thai Women In Tech


With such a worldwide interest in the improving of the gender and wage gap, there stands a nation that is not only closing the gap in such an area but is also showing the world what it means to have a feminine presence in more areas than just wages. Thailand is leading the Asia countries in feminine presence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Let’s take a look at just what Thailand is doing in these areas that are putting the world on notice.

It’s obvious that when the words science and technology comes up, an image of a man is usually depicted. Aside from having such a masculine presence in management and executive positions, there is not usually a feminine presence on the forefront. For more reasons than just the fact that men prefer such areas of expertise, there just wasn’t enough of the female energy and rising up above such trends until now. Thanks the Thailand, 53% is the share amount of female researchers working in the fields of science, technology, and innovation. The closest Nation among the Asian countries is South Korea with 18% and next in line is Japan with 15%. Obviously, Thailand is not only seen as progressive in this area, but it’s also seen as the leader in this area. Clearly, the Thailand world has started a new trend that is soon to take its hold on the world at large. Within the last 12 years, Thailand has witnessed a major turn around in women applying for tech jobs. Last year alone, there were more women than men who applied for tech jobs. While at the very tech companies within Thailand are some of the most notable physical creations and designs, such as manicured gardens, and landscapes. These are relics of the past. A time where the height of women professionalism was physical labor and work. Such days are now gone and the women of Thailand are the benefactors of such progression.

With some of the world’s most notable tech giants, including Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft there is an amazingly masculine populous. In Thailand, the largest software company Kathy’s is realizing an increasingly greater amount of women applicants than men. Be it noted, that the above-referenced tech giants have an overwhelmingly masculine percentage of applicants and job holders. Soon this will change. Within the software giant Kathy’s, there is a strong leadership team that presents women at the forefront. This has created a culture that attracts more female applicants. Just realizing the fact that there is a feminine presence at the forefront of tech companies, engineering companies, and science companies will place aspirations in the hearts of women where at one point in time such aspirations didn’t even exist. But thanks to the model of excellence that Thailand has displayed within the Asian countries today, such as[iratioin doesn’t have to fade away but rather can be made into a reality. A main slogan of the time is that gender inequality does not exist but rather gender equality is the rule of the day. By looking at the nation of Thailand, it can be really seen that these are not just words but manifestations and results today.

In conclusion, Thailand has set an example for all to behold and with such examples can we expect to see a flourishing of the female presence in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics the world over. Every flame starts with a spark, and it’s time to realize that Thailand is just that spark. With the arrival of the feminine presence in Asia, Thailand is the model of greatness to follow.


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