The Rise of Thai Women in Tech

The Rise of Thai Women in Tech

In the field of IT, most of the employee and ranking individuals are male. The apparent gender disparity is due to the perception that tech is a masculine domain. However, this trend appears to be changing in Thailand. According to a report produced by UNESCO, Thailand has the largest number of women working in science, tech, engineering, and mathematics across eastern Asia.

The Rise of Thai Women in Tech

Currently, Katherine Aphaivongs is working for the Masii Group to develop, a website that will compare the financial performance of various countries within the region. Katherine believes that the maturity of the sector is the reason behind the growing number of women in the industry. She added that the domination of makes in tech is because of the gender roles that are fronted by baby boomers.

Katherine expects more women to join the tech sector. However, she noted that a majority of women who are already in tech are performing roles related to sales and marketing or HR. Nonetheless, Kathy mentioned that women are continuously applying for the technical posts and that they would soon be rivaling their male counterparts in that regard.

There are many different explanations for the low number of women in the global tech industry.  Such reasons include the lack of role models, lack of awareness of the opportunities in the tech industry and in some cases, poor parenting. For this trend to change, there is a need to change the attitude that tech was made for men.


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