The Rise of Anti-feminism in Korea

The Rise of Anti-feminism in Korea

In recent times, men in South Korea have taken to online platforms to show their discontent over the proliferation of feminist movements. Specifically, these men are posting a flurry of statements that are targeted at the activist groups and their leaders. According to expert opinion, men who display this attitude towards feminists are uncertain of their perception of women.

The Rise of Anti-feminism in Korea

Notably, the anti-feminist activism has transcended beyond online platforms. In December 2017, 2,800 men belonging to the online Anti-Feminism Association marched to the City Hall in Seoul demanding for the abolishment of the ministry of gender equality and family. During the protest, the group said that feminists were inciting hatred against men by fronting biased ideologies on men. This was not the first time that the controversial organization has publicly expressed its opposition to the concept of feminism. Also, the association has produced banners that likened feminism to Nazism in the past.

The increasing popularity of anti-feminist groups has coincided with the peak of the #MeToo movement, which also has a huge following in South Korea. In fact, the #MeToo movement was recently backed by the Korean President, Moon Jae-in. in this regard, the president lauded the movement for advocating for gender equality and the implementation of women. He added that his government has examined the extent of sexual discrimination in Korea and established that women are the biggest victims of this vices. Moon concluded by saying that the objective is to realize a society that respects the dignity of all types of people.

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