The Female Asian Superheroes You Can’t Do Without

    Lady Shiva

    Katana (comics)

    Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro is a female superheroine you find written by DC comics. Despite being a fictional character, she has won the souls of many Asians. She made her first appearance on the TV screens in 1983 as a samurai fighter whose ecstatic sword skills allowed her to be a superhero as a justice fighter. For comic lovers, Katana has appeared in many DC Comics including Birds of prey and Justice league. Nonetheless the most known is the Outsiders.

    Avery ho- prime earth

    Being China’s flash, this super heroin hails as a member of JLC. Her powers were obtained from Central City Speed Force Storm. She is renowned for her exemplary powers like:

    1. Speed conduit: She gained speed force which is a cosmic force which pushes time forward.
    2. Superhuman Speed: she is capable of going at fantastic speeds.
    3. Agility: Ho is balanced and awhile with her body well coordinated thus it’s easy to maneuver speedily.

    Lady Shiva

    Her name is Sandra Wu-San. Being a female fictional villain as well as antiheroine, she is famous in DC comics.

    Shiva possesses no superpowers however she’s regarded as a good martial artist and assassin. She knows several martial arts inclusive of forgotten ones. She can read people’s body language via their movements.

    Cassie Chan

    She’s the 2nd Pink Turbo Ranger as well as Pink Space Ranger. She’s also known as Space Pink Ranger. At first, she was to take the place of Kendrix as Pink Galaxy Ranger when there was the Lost Galaxy’s second. This was due to the illness of Valarie Vernon.

    Nonetheless, even though footage of Cassie’s morphing was filmed as Pink Galaxy Ranger, unnecessarily it had to get scrapped because Patricia Ja Lee was sad that her appearance was to be credited just as starring as only a guest. Her powers as tomboyish contrasts her counterpart of dental, Miku Imamura and Youko Yagami.

    Element Girl

    Appearing in DC published comics, she’s a superheroine Who is very famous. Her first appearance was in the Metamorpho #10 which Bob Haney wrote. A renowned artist called Sal Trapani draws her. Her death was seen in the series of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman in #20, “Façade.


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