The Chinese Actresses You Have To Watch On the Big Screen

    Fan Bingbing

    Zhang Ziyi

    Before director Zhang Yimou landed on Zhang Ziyi, she had been in the art of dancing. Yimou cast her in a romantic drama film “The Road Home” in 1999 which made her famous in Hollywood. The fame earned her more roles in other films like Ang Lee’s American film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Rush hour 2 which was her first American film. She has many awards under her belt including Best Actress in Motion Picture for the Golden Globe Award.

    Yang Mi

    She is a veteran in the films and TV shows having been in the field since the age of 4 years. She’s an influential figure in China and a fashion icon whose wardrobe is copied by her fans. She’s become the first fashion ambassador in China for Michael Kor’s collections. She has 80 million followers on Weibo in China from the numerous microblogging.

    Fan Bingbing

    The Chinese actress who has transitioned to an international star in acting and fashion has scooped several awards including the best actress in 100 flower awards for her exemplary role in Feng Xiaogang’s cell phone in 2013.

    Her classy dressing on the red carpet and the numerous fashion shows she trends put her on the best-dressed list.

    Tang Wei

    Tang Wei is a native of Hangzhou. She came to the floating fame through Ang Lee’s Lust. It is an erotic thriller that has scooped many prestigious awards. However, Tang was banned for the sex scenes in the same film.

    She made a comeback in the Romance Film Book Of Love after the ban and now starred in many other films.


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