The 1931 All-Asian Women’s Conference in India

The 1931 All-Asian Women’s Conference in India

The All-Asian Women’s Conference (AAWC) was held in January 1931 in Lahore, India. As expected, the main items on the agenda were challenges facing the female population in Asia, including infant mortality, rights of inheritance, education and so on. A total of 45 women attended the meeting as delegates

The primary objective of this convention was to emulate the women associations that were common in Europe in America. This desire was an indicator that even the colonized were already adopting the culture of the imperialists. According to Daniel Gorman, the decentralization of the imperialistic culture was typified by the formation of the League of Nations, as well as the proliferation of NGOs and civil activist groups.

The 1931 All-Asian Women’s Conference in India

At the time, the civil society and nonprofits put emphasis on fighting for the voting rights for women. Women in various countries across Asia were in the struggle for female suffrage.  The motivation to start such movements was international networking among like-minded groups that spread a lot of influence. The idea was incepted in Europe and North America, but in the 1930s it had spread all over, covering Asia, the Middle East and South America.

Besides the AAWC, other women activist organizations in India included Women’s India Association and the National Council of Women in India. The latter was the Indian chapter of the International Council of Women. These groups maintained close communication with British feminist movements that were equally focused on fighting for female suffrage.


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