South Korea Is the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World

    eyelid surgery

    Counting the cities with large populations on earth, South Korea is part of the cream with her adorable Seoul city. Population data shows that close to a half of the citizens in South Korea live in Seoul.

    That tells you how close the citizens keep contact. Korea stands out to be the hub of plastic surgery.  It is estimated that 20/1000 people perform plastic surgery of all the surgical procedures that take place. This means that, South Korea goes ahead of the US that has 13 plastic surgeries out 1000 procedures.

    eyelid surgery

    The trend has been on since 2009 and is expected to rise in the near future. With the city taking the 6th position in the world with highest population, it is generally known to be the most competitive city. With the different images the citizens encounter on daily basis, it influences the surgical procedures by a significant margin.

    According to Dr. Hang Seok Choi, eyelid surgery is the leading procedure of all the plastic surgeries in Seoul. The ladies want to transform their monolid eyes to a double eyelid crease. They attribute the crease to beauty, which others consider an influence from the West.

    Generally, the South Koreans eyes make them look tired and sleepy. They feel that the surgery will give them an alert-looking face. Body contouring and breast surgeries are the next very competitive procedure in South Korea.

    Because of many other reasons including the belief of the job market favoring the good looking, facelifts and hair rejuvenation have become also popular. According to a study, most elected leaders have gone through the eyelids surgery.





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