Shattering The Stigma- Chinese Women And Tattoos

    Zhuo Danting

    The history of tattoos in China is still an impediment from the traditional perspective of the functions of tattoos to the current body design and art in China. Initially, the convicts would be tattooed to be a long-term reminder of their inconsistency with the law.

    It was worse for women; many with tattoos would get critic glances and linked to sex work. Zhuo Danting, a renowned tattoo artist in Shanghai, China, has seen a different trend in the city for the eleven years she’s been in the business. She admits that it was difficult at first, but today there is a lot of influence from celebrities and sports icons.

    Zhuo has 70% of her body with tattoos and multiple piercing. She is an advocate of the anti-stigma campaign against women with tattoos. In her hometown, Harbin, which is found in the far North of China, women are rapidly embracing tattoos.

    According to Zhuo, women would have only a small tattoo, but today they have it full sleeves on the back, arms, and legs. She has an inking of parents and grandparents. Other inkings represent nature and the wild; crocodiles, and snakehead.

    The web designer, Wang Yi, says that only 10% of people would accept women with tattoos, today more than 60-70% are in terms with the tattooed women. The affordable cost of the tattoo is a prompting factor today, unlike before when it was too expensive to have the women take the body art.

    The challenge that still lies ahead is the working places and the older family members who make the women have small tattoos. Otherwise, the popularity of tattoos in China is a force to reckon.


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