Salute To The Single Asian Woman- Why More Women Are Putting Off Marriage

    Single Asian Women

    Generally, there is an entrenched difference between the East and the Western countries when it comes to family values. The rate of divorce in the West and the number of children born out of wedlock marks a significant difference between the two continents.

    Maybe it is because of the conservative nature of the Eastern countries. The economic success of the East is highly-attributed to the stable, traditional families. However, the trend may not be the case today in the East as it was 20 years ago.

    Many women are working against all the odds to sustain their families, and better still, impart the values that will be vital to handle the future single-handedly. One of the many reasons why many women are walking out of marriage or just choosing to be single mothers is the commitment that is burdening them.

    South Korea, for example, has the highest number of men who are “married” to their jobs. They rank third in the OECD countries. As if that is not enough, some women find the sperm donors to be an option like Yi Zoe Hou, a psychologist in Japan.

    The work schedules that are punishing make it almost impossible to divide your attention to a spouse in a typical Asian country.

    However, the Former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan, believes that it is only in the family that the values of the Chinese can be sustained. He insists on the Chinese value of sacrificing the best today for the sake of the future of the country.


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