Rice Bunny, The Asian #Metoo

    Rice Bunny, The Asian #Metoo

    China is one country facing a lot of challenges on sexual violence. Not only to women, but also to men. There are many cases on record including suicide and dropping out of school. Others undergo frustrations on the course of their studies.

    Social media campaigns are now the best ways to sensitize and pressure relevant institutions to take action on the claims of sexual harassment. However, censorship impedes the spread of the messages due to the many cases of reporting by social media users.

    A good example is the temporary blocking of the main hashtag #MeToo on the 19th January 2018. Such incidences have resulted in the use of nicknames, like Rice Bunny, which represents #MeToo. The nickname is accompanied by emojis of rice bowls and bunny.

    The skillful ways are on board to create more public relation and expand the base of the campaign and also to be safe from the inconveniences that come with censorship. The fruits of these campaigns are rapidly showing up.

    The alumni of over 50 universities have made online petitions to put pressure on the relevant administrations to generate means of curbing the sexual harassment. At the same time, Professors from over 30 universities have also signed an open letter that demands for better reporting system of the cases of sexual harassment that come up.


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