Myths Regarding White Men And Asian Women

Myths Regarding White Men And Asian Women

There are certain types of Western men who are attracted to Asian women. A documentary was made on this subject encompassing hundreds of hours of research. Interviews were conducted with men and women posting ads to meet Asian women. The concept of dating Asian women is centuries old and referred to as yellow fever. The people interviewed included Latinos, aging white men, black men, young hipsters and other women. The commonality was the misconceptions and myths regarding Asian women. The four major myths are outlined below.


The first myth is Asian women make the perfect wives. They cater to their men and have good family values. Relationships were outlined by Confucius in roughly 500 BCE showing husbands were looked up to by their wives. Despite changing times, the myth Asian women are dutiful and doting wives still remains. Men are looking for the old vision of Asian women where they clean the home, cook dinner and take care of their husbands. The new generation has changed with many Asian women being tech savvy, well educated and even divorced. Western men are accepting these changes but people believe their family values are poorer. Asian societies are pressuring the women to begin a family much younger than women in the West. Most Asian women will honor their husband in public but expect him to place the family first, give her control of the finances and cater to his in-laws.


The second myth states Asian women are submissive, innocent and sweet. This is how Asian women are often portrayed in movies but they can have pragmatic attitudes and be bossy. Some Asian women have an innocent and sweet exterior but underneath they are controlling, emotional and have a fiery temperament. A lot of Asian women see American men as naïve and soft. They believe the Caucasian men who are attracted to Asian women have softer personalities and are not nearly as masculine. One interview subject was a white American man. He claimed Asian women are less sophisticated and simpler than Asian men.


The third myth is American men are the ticket to a better life for Asian women. The Asian women who believe this have never been in a relationship with a man from the West. Most Asian women realize a good financial situation is not guaranteed by marrying a Westerner. Some Asian women believe the Western man they marry is more liberal only to discover what he wants is the traditional Asian woman. Some people do not believe the myth is true but will exploit it. Some women are trying to help extended families and understand how to survive. They marry a man from the West who ends up surrounded by a large extended family. The old relationship of Asian inferiority and Western superiority belongs in the past and trying to bring it back is foolish.


The fourth myth states it is easy to have sex with Asian women and they are all sex crazed. This myth also says Asian women are wilder, sexier and better lovers than other women. This is one of the most extreme of the ethnic stereotypes. Asian women on the internet are fetishized more than redheads, shoes or leather. One of the most lucrative and biggest trades worldwide is Asian trafficking and sex. The truth is not all Asian women are prostitutes although many believe in this myth. Nobody still believes all Orientals look alike but past conceptions and expectations still remain. This will continue until the people become acquainted as individuals and not myths. This will not remove all the myths but it is a good place to begin.



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