Modern Women Dominating the Asian Business World

    Modern Women Dominating the Asian Business World

    Culture and religious positions have been the significant setbacks in place of women towards the development of their capacity in most Asian countries in the past. It’s still a concern in some countries like Malaysia and Japan.

    However, the narrative is taking a different dimension with South Korea having elected the First woman President in China, is a big step to counter the tradition. In fact, in China alone, 50% of the executive positions are occupied by women.

    It is crucial to learn that, the Asian countries, in general, are dominating over many of her critics on the position of women in corporate places. An example is Europe which has 24% of women in Executive authorities against Asia which is at 29%.

    Why Women Are Likely to Do Well in Business Transactions in Asia

    It is not an easy thing in a conservative country like Japan which is highly dominated by men in the business. Nevertheless, the influence from the western women holding high profiles who represent their countries in Asian countries demonstrate women as potential cooperate leaders.

    Women’s emotional intelligence seems to support their breakthroughs in high-profile business deals. For instance, women understand their clients from more in-depth perspectives and learn more needs that are attributed to the client.

    It doesn’t just happen; their calmness and soft reactions trigger more clientele bonding.  Women tend to be more curious which come hand in hand with their prolonged listening skills.

    In other observations, the women in Asia equally need to borrow the leaf from the Western skills to pursue more opportunities like assimilating agendas to propel negotiations other than sticking the guns to the immediate profit gains.


    As long as the western women and the women in Asia can counter attack the sexist attitudes, and entrenched customs in Asian countries, they have all it takes to engage in more business professionally.



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