Kamasutra: A Feminist Guide

Kamasutra: a feminism guide

The Kamasutra is a guide which was written in the Third Century CE. It was all about the art of living as opposed to sexual position.

According to ancient history, the guide contained comprehensive information about finding a life partner, maintaining a great marriage, committing adultery, and much more.

If you read more about the ancient Kamasutra, you will discover that it is more about people’s motive to seek or resist sexual relationship.

Vatsyayana, the author of the Kamasutra, states that a woman should learn about the context of Kamasutra. Most importantly, they need to learn how to access a woman’s household funds.

Kamasutra also goes on to touch about the absolute power of managing households finance.

Besides that Kamasutra teaches women to be educated and how to manage their lives, body, and pleasures.

In her book, Vatsyayana argues that women who are not satisfied sexually by their husbands should be allowed to leave men and remarry to find pleasures in a  new partner.

Vatsyayana, author of Kama sutra advice ladies to study the content before they reach their youthful years. But it’s not women alone that he advised.

He also encourages men to fulfill their woman’s needs or put a woman’s interest first. That means a man is supposed to treat a woman in a way that she can achieve orgasm or reach sexual climax.


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