Kama Sutra: Power for Men AND Women


The Kama Sutra has been interpreted in many ways over the years. The book was written in the 3rd century of the Christian era by Indian sage Vatsyayana, then was re-worked in the 15th century. It changed the way many people, even to this day, have looked at and talked about sex. It has been confused with a book “just for married couples.,” but the book was designed and written to cover the topic of sex in a much broader term. Simply looking into the book, you’re filled with information on kissing, touching, holding another human in your arms etc… simple things that most humans take advantage of, and don’t savor. Kama Sutra was a book that changed the game and talked about sex when it was still considered “taboo.” Kama Sutra is not only about sex but it’s about educating the population on the power of marriage, hidden motives, sexual orientation and more. With all that said, more now than ever, the Kama Sutra is being recognized for its very liberal views on women, and their role in their sex lives and others. Upon learning more about the Kama Sutra, it rings feminist views more than most would think. Although there weren’t many opportunities for financial independence for women back then, the Kama Sutra prides in detailing how it is preferred that women have control over the families finances. Kama Sutra was very open to the opportunities that women could take, and what options they had for themselves.

Another way that Kama Sutra has acknowledged their pride in females is by recognizing that sex for females is not just for making a child. It is just as much of a right for a woman to have sex when she pleases, without having the result of a pregnancy. Women should express their sexual freedom as well as men. It is okay to search for sexual pleasure in the bedroom. If your partner is not giving you the sex you deserve, men AND women have the right to leave someone who does not meet their needs. One final point that needed to be highlighted was that the Kama Sutra favors pleasuring the woman first. It is most important that the woman feels comfortable, sensual, pleasured and satisfied. Although this could be construed into being anti-male, that is not the case at all. It is surprising that if you take your time to really read what authors are trying to say, you’ll find out much more than you could ever ask for. Kama Sutra is a feminist, and in a way, we all should be. Gone are the days where women should feel ashamed to talk about their sex lives without being shamed for it. Finding out about the Kama Sutra, and how they want spread love about treating women like they should be, it has already changed some minds about what this book is actually about. Sure, you’ll learn some new tricks. You might blush a bit. Doesn’t it feel empowering to know that someone has the ladies backs? Now that you’re almost finished reading this article, why don’t you go take some time to scratch your lady’s back…or even yours. Does Kama Sutra interest you yet?


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