I am More Than My Straight Hair

Lucy Liu

It has become a trend in the most beauty companies in and out of Asia, to advertise their hair styles using the Asian hair. In fact, in the current pages, the Asian hair has its own column and is touted as beautiful and easy to wear.

The fact is, the Asian hairs are attractive and beautiful. The world has fallen for them. However, the contrary opinion is that, these straight hairs are not just straight. They need maintenance to keep their silky hair straight.

Lucy Liu,

Slick and thin hair

The majority love this long slick and thin hair. It’s an amazing thing on your head. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is not the kind of hair to rest on your shoulders cost-free. In fact, if you want to keep your hair straight like Lucy Liu, give it regular maintenance. For the lazy, it’s not the kind of thing for you.

Thick hair

Count yourself among the lucky ones if you have the thick hair like Sandara Park. However, this hair is heavy and tends to create a flat base. You need a shave like style infusion voluminizing weightless blow dry spicy to keep the roots light.

Frizzy Hair

Yoko Ono’s hair is the perfect description of the Frizzy hair. To keep this style on your head comfortable and free from humidity, use the Frizz Shampoo.

Curly Hair

Many don’t really believe that Asian hair can have natural curls; the Actress of all times Sandra Oh is a living proof. These are the least controllable hairs on the head unless you use garner curl shaping gel, you will not like them.

Wavy hair

When you look at the South Korean Singer and Actress, IU, you will understand what wavy hair means. It is a swinging style between curly and straight. It is more terrifying when it becomes uneven. To make this hair uniform, use a curling iron or straightening iron.

Colored hair

In Asia, it is either black or brown hair. That does not limit you from being creative with it like Suzzy Bae who opted for blond hair.



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