The historical significant role of the Geisha

Geisha women

Geisha is one of the Japanese cultures from ancient times. The Geisha tradition was meant to empower Japanese women to have a significant role in society.

It created a beautiful environment for Japanese women that the rest of the world was not able to have.

Geisha means Japan means ”performance”. Geisha women were entertainers. They entertained people in Japan since the 1600s in the era of the Edo period.

During those times, Japan viewed the Geisha as professional entertainers.

For one to become a Geisha, they needed to take training as a young teenager. In the course of the training, they transformed into entertainers for high social society.

The role of Geisha was many in the Japanese Society. The idea of becoming a Geisha is actual a big decision because it involved one living away from home and getting to school.

The 1860s were the golden years of Geisha. In this era, social status in Japan became of utmost importance.

The teahouse where most Geisha women resided became a high-class environment for entertainers. People of social status would visit such places to be entertained for entertainment by Geisha ladies.

In 1872, reforms to do away with Geisha started coming in because Japan wanted to uphold its image.

The Geisha tradition started fading away slowly with the rise of western style clothing. Although they were still entertainers, their numbers began shrinking up to date.

Geisha played a role in defining Japanese culture and creating a high-end entertainment environment for the noble class in Japan.


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