Five Influential Books Written By Female Asian Writers You To Read ASAP

    Everything I Never Told You

    The power, beliefs, and struggle of the female Asian authors for the girl to identify herself and stand the times and tunes of life is the entertaining narrations of the books they have authored.

    Woman Warrior 76

    The book The Woman Warrior ’76 was authored by Maxine Hong Kingston. She expresses how time is a crucial element to define life in the best way. In the book, time can alter the perspective of life. It is written with meaningful line to line narrations that depict life through storytelling.

    Maxine looks at her personal, political, and philosophical aspects that have shaped her life as a feminist, activist, and writer.

    Sour Hearts

    Jenny Zhang profoundly expresses a young woman defined by two cultures and how she comes of age. The way she portrays adolescence life is clear, entertaining, and unique. She creates the image of impulsive and passionate heroines who are clouded in self-awareness.

    “Everything I Never Told You”

    While people tried to uncover the mystery that led to Libya’s death they are as well left at limbo to re-evaluate their own lives. Celestin Ng’s book is the emotional type of narrative and enjoyable to glue your eyes on.  ‘’Little Fires Everywhere” is an award-winning novel under her authorship too.

    Where The Past Begins; Writer’s Memoir

    Amy Tan reminisces her past; childhood and through her journals to extract hope, wisdom, and compassion. In the book, she looks at the doubts and limitations that have ridden on her as a writer. The book is an inspiration.

    A Little Life

    A book written by Yanya Nagihara depicts how 3 undergraduates strived to counter the obstacles that put a loop their quest to fame and wealth. In their quest they encounter metaphorical ghosts. The book shows you how the pressure to succeed affects psyche.


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