Awesome Chinese Restaurants in Beijing You Should Know About

    Baoyuan dumpling

    Beijing is the heart of the local and international professional cuisine. The following restaurants will serve you right from different regions of Beijing.


    The Bottega hotel is found in Sanlitun. They are the hub of Pizzas. Not just about Pizza fluffed with mounts of cheese, but one of a kind made by the Bottega Salvo brothers; the vast and experienced Pizza makers since the 1920s.

    Chuan Ban

    Fried chicken with chilies is a darling meal to many who dine at the Chuan Ban in Jianguomen. You will have an opportunity to serve the kungpao frog, Mapo tofu, and many other finger-licking spicy numbing flavors. Even with its long existence in the market, it is still a point of reference in Beijing.

    Baoyuan dumpling

    You have not yet seen the vegetable and fruit dyed dough of spinach and carrot until you visit the Baoyuan dumping. The creative baoyuan chicken dumpling served in the rainbow colors is a cuisine you will not afford to miss.

    Beijing pie

    For the English origin you will be home and at rest in the Beijing Pie next to the Forbidden City. You have not known what it takes to take pork, beef, or vegetables stuffed in a wheat pancake. Beijing Pie will do more by serving alongside other stews and fries.

    King’s joy

    Take your time off the flesh and munch the vegetarian style at King’s Joy. They manipulate vegetables into meat through seasoning and cooking styles that will attract the chronic carnivore. Precisely, get all the plant-related foods at King’s Joy.



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