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Anneletu-Taiwan’s Feminist Politician

Annelte Lu Hsiu-lion is a Taiwanese Politician born on 7 June 1944. Her contribution to the Tangwai movement made her famous leading to her invitation to joining the Democratic Progressive Party in 1990.
Women in the Philippines Military

Women in the Philippines Military

Women in Philippine Military is how Philipino women were allowed to participate in the Philippine Military. At first, they were only allowed to serve as reserves and technicians but not as...
Early feminism in the Philippines

Early feminism in the Philippines – an inspiration

The Philippines is one of the countries where gender disparity is less in the World. Unlike most countries in the World, Philippines give women equal chances of opportunity to participate in governance and society as...
Kamasutra: a feminism guide

Kamasutra: A Feminist Guide

The Kamasutra is a guide which was written in the Third Century CE. It was all about the art of living as opposed to sexual position. According to ancient history, the guide...
women in indonesia

Women In Indonesia

Women in Indonesia have played a significant role in shaping Indonesia culture and tradition. But today, their roles have been associated with modernism, globalization, education, and, changes in technology.
asian scientists

These Asian Scientists Changed the World

Professor Masayo Takahashi - The stem cell pioneer bringing sight to the blind Masayo Takahashi, a Japanese stem cell researcher who brought sight to the blind was born on June 23. She works...
Geisha women

The historical significant role of the Geisha

Geisha is one of the Japanese cultures from ancient times. The Geisha tradition was meant to empower Japanese women to have a significant role in society. It created a beautiful environment for Japanese women that...

The Rise of Anti-feminism in Korea

In recent times, men in South Korea have taken to online platforms to show their discontent over the proliferation of feminist movements. Specifically, these men are posting a flurry of statements that are targeted...

The Growth of Feminism in China

Before the 20th century, the Chinese society considered women and men as two entirely different entities. Daoism, a Chinese mystical philosophy, considers yin (women) and yang (men) as two equal qualities. Despite this, the...

The 1931 All-Asian Women’s Conference in India

The All-Asian Women’s Conference (AAWC) was held in January 1931 in Lahore, India. As expected, the main items on the agenda were challenges facing the female population in Asia, including infant mortality, rights of...

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