Asian Female Poets Changing the World One Word at a Time

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A voracious reader is always on the lookout for the next great bit of prose. If that description fits you and you enjoy the magic of poetry, be sure to open the door to Asian female poets who are capturing hearts and imaginations across the world. Keep these talents in mind the next time you’re ready to get lost in the wonder of the written word.



Experience the Exuberance of Shailja Patel

Shailja Patel is an Asian female poet that brings in her East African heritage to create a delightful blend with her Indian-Gujarati side of the family. Themes of colonialism, living beneath the shadow of the British Empire, and its legacy are reflected in her work, along with the topic of immigration. She is a scribe and a witness to the daily struggles that affect her culture. Delving into the psychological and the physical is a part of the rich landscape painted by her poems.


Arundhathi Subramaniam – Poet and Writer (Photo: Vinodh Velayudhan)

Find the Extraordinary in the Ordinary with Arundhathi Subramaniam

Arundhathi Subramaniam once said “[Poetry] is molten language, it does burn those who speak it.” Her words capture the fire that races through her poetry in her effort to capture the life of the average Indian woman, proving no woman is average. Talent and technique run seamlessly together throughout her work.


Be Illuminated by the Work of Nandini Dhar

Nandini Dhar is a Bengali-Indian woman who shines a light on the everyday existence in her household. At the same time, she can take on the thought-provoking topic of casteism. History is reflected as well with poetry that delves into the mark left by the India’s occupation by the British. She writes with clarity and has the ability to shock her readers when they least expect it with dramatic twists and turns.


Set Your Emotions Free with Tishani Doshi

Tishani Doshi is an Indian author who has delved into novels and poetry, stretching her creative boundaries with ease. Her writing is vivid and flamboyant, carrying her readers along with her on a river of descriptive poetry that will not soon be forgotten. Whether she is writing about fisherwomen and their daily work on India’s coast or overwhelming heat that burns in an Indian summer. Emotions run the gamut, interwoven in a tapestry of stories that come to life as they leap from the page to the mind of the reader. Each poem will leave those who experience them begging for more.


Watch the Real and Surreal Merge in the Words of Sascha Aurora Akhtar


Sascha Aurora Akhtar brings her eclectic background into her work. Her cultural experiences add nuances to her poetry that are completely her own. Her unique style is due in part to living in many places during her lifetime. She was born in Pakistan. However, she has also called the United Kingdom and the United States of America her home. This has allowed her to view the world through a multicolored lens that brings in many perspectives. She manages to reinvent her homeland in a unique way by drawing surreal words with her words. Akhtar knows what it means to be uprooted from her original birthplace, its culture, and surroundings. She may carry her heritage deep inside of her, yet she has also experienced the disorientation of making her home in the unfamiliar. At times, it is exhilarating, a reason to celebrate. In contrast, there is also questioning, doubt, and a sense of having lost something that is cause for confusion. There is no place for conformity in a poem penned by Sascha Aurora Akhtar. When diving into her work, prepare to be immersed into a world that defies the imagination.


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