Asian Female Leaders As A Sign Of Progress

    Park Geun-hye

    Female leaders have emerged and actually dominated areas that were previously purely dominated by men. Examples of such female leaders in Asia include:

    •  Liu Yadong

    She is a recognized political figure in China. She is a daughter of a former Shanghai’s top official. Liu been nominated to be part of the vice premiers in China. Her role has had a powerful impact in China; she is one of the most highly ranked women in the political system. In a recent review of the most recognized echelons in China, she emerged as one of the few most powerful and ranked woman.

    • Sun Chunlan

    A 68-year-old lady who has a high political influence in China. She is People’s Republic of China vice premier. She has been stated to be one of the members of the famous political parties including the communist party of China.

    • Park Geun-hye

    A 66-year-old who was popularly elected to be the not only the 18th President of South Korea, but also the first woman President, and the first in East Asia to be popularly elected. She stood against all odds and criticism due to her gender to emerge victorious.

    • Tsai Ing-Wen

    She is Taiwan’s president. She is among the few female presidents in the world. She has strongly focused her leadership on economics and security. Tsai is a great influencer and a motivation to many women.

    • Yuriko Koike

    She won the governor race as an independent candidate. Due to her gender, her party did not endorse her, but that did not make her give up. She won and was elected by a large number of people. She also strongly fought to regain hosting 2020 Olympics which she successfully did.



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