Asian female icons


In every continent, some people stand out for their great deeds in specific fields. Some might be politicians, movie stars, and musicians. In this article, the focus goes to one continent, Asia. Asia has some great female icons who have made their names known across the world. Some of the Asian female icons include:


  1. Zhang Ziyi.

She is a Chinese actress who is well-known for her prowess in acting and stylish looks. She has featured in movies like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Memoirs of a Geisha.” What makes this lady standout most is her sense of fashion. Whether she is attending a red-carpet event wearing a spectacular gown or just taking a walk in the street, she looks fantastic. According to many, she looks so cool, and she does not seem like she puts any effort.



  1. Fan Bingbing.

No one seemed surprised when Fan was named number one in “50 most beautiful people in China”. The singer, producer, and actress has outstanding features that look great in any style. When Louis Vuitton opened one of their stores in Shenyang this June, she rocked a bob that made her look awesome. Sooner than later, some big brands start approaching her to showcase their products.


  1. Liu Wen.

Seeing an underdog dominating the modeling industry is fulfilling. That is precisely what Wen has done. She has been able to feature on the cover of two Vogue magazine editions and walk the runway for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her major breakthrough came when she was selected as the first Asian face to represent Estee Lauder. She has now opened the doors for future upcoming Asian models. The good thing about Liu is that she is always ready for anything, an important trait for all supermodels. According to Liu, being a supermodel is not only about the looks, but also the personality.


  1. Rinko Kikuchi.

Besides being super talented, Rinko is the perfect definition of a bad girl. Apart from being a star in the movie “Pacific Rim,” she is the first Japanese actress to be nominated for an Academy Award. Additionally, she has a killer sense of fashion. A good example was the outfit she pulled off during the Hollywood premiere of “Pacific Rim.” To add to some of her achievements, she also featured in the movie “47 Ronin”.


  1. Carol Lim.
Carol Lim © Sebastian Kim

If you are an upcoming designer or merchandiser, Lim should be your role model. Immediately after finishing school at the UC Berkeley, Lim and her best friend Humberto Leon quit their jobs in the fashion industry and took a random trip to Hong Kong. They had decided to go to Hong Kong to transform the fashion industry and as a result, launched their store “Opening Ceremony.” Lim’s ability to spot great designers and form partnerships with them has transformed “Opening Ceremony” from a small store in New York City to an International brand with stores in big cities like London, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. Nobody can dispute the fact that Lim’s brand has become enormous. She looks great when she wears her unique bohemian, trendy look.


The list of Asian female icons in this article is a perfect example of people coming from nothing and becoming recognized in the society. Asian women do not want to be left behind in the fashion and entertainment industry. They have started making their mark, and within a few years to come, we will be seeing more Asian supermodels, actresses, and musicians.


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