Asian Female Actors You May Not Know About But Should

    Claudia Kim

    Hollywood has not yet seen enough of what the Asians can contribute to the performing arts. The contribution of the Asian actors and actresses in Hollywood faces hitches like whitewashing; casting the white in the Asian roles. Asia has more than enough top-notch talents to add value. You may, or you may not have heard of the following performing artists. It’s crucial to give their profiles a closer look.

    Vincent Rodriguez III

    An actor, any director, will need in the cast. Agile and switches through multi-tasks of dancing, acting, and singing. The Filipino- American actor is popular with love led role as Josh Chan.

    Charles Melton

    His role in Ross Butler as Mantle Reggie brings him out as a natural, perfect blending actor. Charles, who is a half Korean actor, is the ideal definition of a team player and a bubbling star.

    Claudia Kim

    The South Korean actress blockbuster has showcased exemplary performance in the Marvel film Avengers; Age of Ultron, and will also take a role in an upcoming fantastic Sequel. Though the part is not yet clear, she will be in the cast.

    Lyrica Okano

    Lyrica is a Japanese American actress. She has been a top cream cast in the Hulu Superhero Teen Show as Nico. A girl who realized that she has magical powers.

    Hayley Kiyoko

    Expectations is the album that Hayley made a debut in 2018 after other sterling performances in her previous roles in Scobie Doo, the mystery begins, and Curse of The Lake Monster.



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