5 Korean Dating Rules that May Surprise You

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Dating is a pretty difficult thing to master. The social norms changing regularly, it can be really hard to keep up. If you thought you had it tough, wait until you hear about what it is like to date in Korea. In a country where rituals are part of everyday life, there are many rituals in dating as well. Here are five Korean dating rituals that may surprise you.


Guys are going to front the bill


It is very normal for the guy to front the bill in Korean culture. While many places in the world the girl will pay for half, this is just not the way it is in Korea. It is very normal for a girl to just get up and head to the bathroom when the check arrives.


There is a 30-day waiting period


In American culture, there is a universal understanding that you should wait for three dates until you start to become intimate with your new partner. However, this is not the case in Korean culture. This is a 30-day waiting period for most couples. While new views are starting to challenge this waiting period, it is still very set in place to wait for a month. Korean history and culture play into this a lot.


It is totally ok to act like you are married


While many countries are really taking it easy and dating for a long time before talking about marriage, it is totally normal for Korean couples to act like they are married early on. Exchanging rings as a couple is a very normal thing to do even during the early stages of a relationship. Celebrating their relationship on social media and in other ways is very normal for Korean couples.


Never ever be away from your phone


In Korea, phones are very important. If you forget to text back your partner right away, there are going to be some serious problems. In most relationships, it is ok to put your phone down while you are at work and text back your boyfriend or girlfriend later. However, in Korea, you need to always have your phone glued to you. This shows that you really care about your partner and you are always there for them. You need to be on call all of the time if you want your Korean relationship to work out.


Keep your dates organized because there are a lot of things to celebrate


There are so many different anniversaries and holidays to keep track of in Korea. It is very important to celebrate all of these as well. It not only shows that you care about your partner but that you are someone who is well put together and organized. Kiss Day, Hug Day, Photo Day, Silver Day, and Green Day are just a few of the many different holidays that you will need to remember. This is on top of all of the normal anniversaries and birthdays that you will have to keep up with.


These are just a few of the many different Korean dating rules that may surprise you. If you are looking at dating a Korean, make sure that you are aware of these different rules. While cultures can be different, it can be easy to connect when you are making an effort to understand their culture.


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