4 Common Myths about Asian Women and American Men

4 Common Myths about Asian Women and American Men

Often, several stories and perceptions are peddled about Asian women and American men, especially regarding relationships between these two groups. As it turns out, most of these are myths. Some of the most widespread fallacies involving Asian women and white men include:

  1. Asian women are the ideal wives

Many people believe that Asian women possess the qualities that make them the best choice when looking for a life partner. Such qualities were described by Confucius in 500 B.C. The philosopher stated that women should look up to their husbands to maintain harmonious relationships. Although that was long ago, a majority of people still believe that Asian women adhere to Confucius’ teachings.

4 Common Myths about Asian Women and American Men
  1. Asia women are naïve and submissive

Since Asians are faithful to their ancient practices, there is a widely held perception that their women are submissive and innocent. However, this is far off from the reality. Times have changed, and so has the character of Asian women.

  1. Dating or marrying a white man guarantee success

A significant portion of women believes that forming a relationship with western men is the pathway to a successful life. This perception is particularly common in Asian countries with developing economies. Contrariwise, men who seek partners in Asia are usually looking for ‘traditional’ women.

  1. Asian women are sex maniacs

As strange as it seems, a sizeable percentage of western men believe that women of Asian descent are obsessed with sex.  These claims are usually backed by the high number of Asian prostitutes.



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